Attendee Requirements

Attendees must complete the following in order to receive NERC CEHs for OES-NA classroom training activities.

  • Attendees must sign-in for the training activity in accordance with the attendance verification process
    • Attendees are required to sign-in on the course sign-in sheet each day
    • Attendees are required to provide their NERC SO Certification # on the sign-in sheet (if applicable)
    • Attendees are required to provide photo ID as proof of identity

  • Attendees must participate in all course activities
  • Attendees must successfully complete the activity assessment
    • Successful completion is defined as obtaining a passing grade on the assessment
    • If the attendee is unsuccessful in the assessment, the attendee is given a second opportunity to successfully complete the assessment following remedial instruction
    • The attendee does not gain any additional CEHs for the remedial instruction

  • Attendees must submit a course evaluation form

After completion of all stated requirements, the attendee is provided with a certificate identifying the number of CEHs awarded.

Public Course Cancellation Policy