ERCOT Certification Prep

This online training series is designed for real-time system operating Image_ERCOTpersonnel who are required or desire to prepare for taking the ERCOT

Certification Exam. The training course content includes:

  • A review of the ERCOT Nodal Operating Guides
    • Sections – 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, & 11
  • A review of the ERCOT Nodal Protocols
    • Section - 2
  • A review of the ERCOT Fundamentals Manual
    • Sections – 2, 13, 15

Upon completion of this course, attendees receive a free subscription to the ERCOT TESTTRAK© program. Completion of ERCOT TESTTRAK© will reinforce material covered in the course and better prepare individuals for the testing experience!

This online course is intended for real-time system operators and support personnel who operate on the ERCOT system, are in direct communication with any ERCOT System Operator, or perform daily operations-related functions at the direction of the ERCOT System Operator during normal, emergency and/or system restoration situations.

The ERCOT Certification Prep Program includes the following online modules:

  • ERCOT Fundamentals: Interconnected Operations
  • ERCOT Fundamentals: Transmission Operations
  • ERCOT Fundamentals: Mathematics
  • ERCOT Fundamentals: Economic Operation
  • ERCOT Nodal Op Guides: Section 2
  • ERCOT Nodal Op Guides: Section 3
  • ERCOT Nodal Op Guides: Section 4
  • ERCOT Nodal Op Guides: Section 6
  • ERCOT Nodal Op Guides: Section 7
  • ERCOT Nodal Op Guides: Section 11
  • ERCOT Nodal Protocols: Section 2

Course Overview || Registration

ERCOT Certification Prep Program Price: $1,500.00

NERC Continuing Education Hours:

TOTAL: 24.0 CEHs

Standards: 0.0 CEHs

Ops Topics: 24.0 CEHs

Sim: 0.0 CEHs

NOTE: Completion of ERCOT TEST TRAK™ is NOT a valid activity for NERC CEHs. All applicable CEHs are awarded for the successful completion of the ERCOT Certification Prep Course material.

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