Emergency Response & Reporting

This 1-day class is designed for real-time system operating personnel. This workshop is comprised of three training modules covering the following areas:

  • NERC Standards related to Emergency Operations
  • Emergency/Disturbance Response
  • Emergency/Disturbance Reporting Requirements

This course is intended for real-time system operators and support personnel operating on the Bulk Electric System who wish to expand their knowledge and to enhance their skills associated with emergencies/disturbances. Our goal is to provide attendees with the necessary training to understand the concepts and to utilize the skills taught in performing their day-to-day tasks.

NERC Continuing Education Hours:
TOTAL:  8.0 CEHs
Standards:   2.0 CEHs
Ops Topics:   8.0 CEHs
Sim:   5.0 CEHs

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Fee: $500.00

This class is not scheduled publicly at this time. If interested in this course, please contact us at (407) 381-2223 or