Decision Making Skills for System Operators


This course is intended to provide system operators with the key concepts and skills for making decisions while operating on the electric power system. The course is delivered over a 2-day period and includes topics related to developing intuitive skills, a review of the decision making model, the situational bubble, team decision making skills, and advanced team decision making concepts. The class activities have been develop to allow all lecture material to be delivered on the morning of both days. Each afternoon, class participants will then be placed in small groups to address operational system events that require them to utilize the skills identified during the lecture. Each event will be debriefed to identify how each team addressed the operational condition. This course delivery includes extensive interaction with both tabletop exercises and simulator scenarios.

NERC Continuing Education Hours:
TOTAL:  16.0 CEHs
Standards:   0.0 CEHs
Ops Topics:   16.0 CEHs
Sim:   8.0 CEHs

NERC Emergency Training Requirement:
16.0 hours of Emergency Operations

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Fee: $850.00

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