PJM Certification Prep

Login to Spark! by OES-NA Online Learning This online training series is designed for real-time system operating personnel who are required or desire to prepare for taking the PJM Certification Exam. The training course content includes:

  • An administrative overview to the PJM Certification program
  • An overview to control area concepts
  • A review of the PJM manuals that address Pre-Scheduling Operations, Control Center Requirements, Scheduling Operations, Dispatching Operations, Emergency Operations, Restoration, Generator Interconnections and Operations, and Transmission Operations

The series of modules is culminated with a multiple choice test reflective of the criteria defined in the PJM Certification exams content outlines for either Transmission or Generation.

Upon completion of this course, attendees now receive a free subscription to the appropriate PJM TEST TRAK© program - Transmission or Generation. Completion of PJM TEST TRAK© will reinforce material covered in the course and better prepare individuals for the testing experience!

This online course is intended for real-time system operators and support personnel who operate on the PJM RTO systems, are in direct communication with any PJM System Operator, or perform daily operations-related functions at the direction of the PJM System Operator during normal, emergency and/or system restoration situations.

The PJM Certification Prep Program includes the following online modules*:

  • PJM Certification Overview

  • PJM Certification: Balancing Area Overview
  • PJM Certification: Pre-Scheduling Operations
  • PJM Certification: Energy & Ancillary Services Market Operations
  • PJM Certification: Balancing Operations
  • PJM Certification: Transmission Operation
  • PJM Certification: Emergency Operations
  • PJM Certification: System Restoration
  • PJM Certification: Control Center and Data Exchange Requirements
  • PJM Certification: Generator Operational Requirements

  • PJM Certification Testing
  • PJM TESTTRAK (Transmission or Generation)

* Updated to align with current PJM certification exams (5/2020)

PJM Certification Prep Program Price: $1,450.00

NERC Continuing Education Hours:
TOTAL: 29.5 CEHs
Standards: 0.0 CEHs
Ops Topics: 29.5 CEHs
Sim: 0.0 CEHs

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