Doug Harrington

Technical Training Consultant

Doug Harrington, Technical Training Consultant

Doug Harrington has spent the past twenty-two years as a consultant and facilitator specializing in the development of teamwork and team decision-making skills for control room crews in the nuclear power industry. Since 1985 Doug has worked extensively with operators and instructors at more than thirty nuclear plants in the United States and the Doel Nuclear Power Plants in Belgium.  During the past three years he has worked with system operators and instructors at PJM Interconnection, Midwest ISO, California ISO, Southwest Power Pool, ISO New England, and IESO in Canada.  Other significant experience includes working with Navy and Marine aviators improving their cockpit decision-making performance, and working with Marine officers and squad leaders in developing urban warfare decision-making skills.

Doug’s Critical Team Decision Making course was first designed to help nuclear control room operators develop the skills to operate effectively as a team, especially during abnormal or emergency situations.  This program was first conducted in the U.S. Nuclear Industry in 1985 after a study indicated that more than 50% of the incidents between 1983 and 1984 were directly attributable to human error. A significant number of those human error related incidents was caused by breakdowns in communication and teamwork.

Doug is an eleven-year veteran of the United States Navy where he served as a jet pilot flying from aircraft carriers, and as an advanced jet flight instructor.  Doug holds a masters degree in education from Wake Forest University, and is the president of Team Formation located in Advance, North Carolina where he lives with his wife, Patty.

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